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The days of standing in queues waiting to do your bus booking might soon be over, as more and more people move towards the internet as their primary method of doing a bus ticket booking. Many people in South Africa do not have access to the internet and for this reason, the old fashion way of physically paying for your ticket at a ticket sales point is still the main way which people are booking for this bus trips. Some of the major bus transport companies have online booking facilities for those who are interested in booking online, and it does work better in some cases. There are hundreds of different bus routes, but the main cities are the routes which attract most customers and for that reason there are usually more busses traveling between those routes, this also enables bus companies to lower their ticket prices to these routes. If one tries to book online and does enough searches they will quickly realize that the most common routes are sometimes cheaper than routes that are not very popular. Most online bus booking services will always give a price indication before the user has to do an actual booking.

Discount Bus Tickets
Thousands of South Africans purchase bus tickets every month as a primary means of transport to their home. People who work in the urban areas but do not have transport of their own, have few options, and a bus ticket is one of the best solutions to the problem.
The main routes which people will do their bookings for are:

  • Johannesburg to Durban and Vice Versa
  • Johannesburg to Bloemfontein and Vice Versa
  • Johannesburg to Cape Town and Vice Versa
  • Pretoria to Durban, Bloemfontein
Getting bus tickets at a discount is possible, it all depends on the provider of the buses. There are several online services which allow for discount bus tickets, such as group buying sites which run promotions from time to time. People who travel via bus should constantly be on the look out for such offers, as they are usually much cheaper than traditional bus tickets sold at usual outlets.

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